Bullet Proof Alternative to Loss Prevention Employment – Will You Be Laid Off?

Loss Prevention Employment, sometimes call Asset Protectors employment, can be defined as individuals responsible for reducing employee theft and losses, of all types of business assets, including the protection against retail shoplifting.When I think of loss prevention employment, I am reminded of three distinct kinds of Jobs. First, a job that employs trained individuals in this area, to take care of the assets of a company. Secondly, a job in the Insurance industry, where an employee investigates the claims of a customer, whose assets were totally destroyed by fire, or a hurricane, and thirdly, self employment. The first and second items are considered to be jobs within this industry.A typical example of a job within this career choice, as mentioned briefly in my introduction, would be security personals employed in a retail store to look after the owner’s assets, and to protect a store, from employee, and customer theft. Even though I used the term security personals, I am not necessarily referring to security guards. Loss prevention employment may consist of persons with very high intellect.I live on an Island where a major food store chain, only employees retired military officers, to work in the asset protection department, because of the specialized skills they obtained, while being a part of the armed forces.The question might be asked whether self employment can be considered within the same category, seeing that self employment does not protect an employer’s assets. If you re-class the definition of loss prevention employment, in terms of not losing a job, then self employment will fit within the same category.There are many websites dedicated to this industry. Many of these websites offer training in this area of employment. There are also many that cater to persons who are already trained in this area. If you are searching for jobs, or even training within the area, then I am sure you came across many sites, or even articles in relation to this field of employment.Research has shown that employment in this area has also been affected by the down turn in the economy. Officers are being laid off periodically within this specialized area. Affiliate marketing is one of those jobs that have not been affected by the state of the economy. Affiliate marketing when done correctly will allow any individual to succeed, unlike loss prevention employment. The loss prevention industry is one of those specialized industries that only trained persons can work in.There are many alternatives to loss prevention employment. One tested area would be Affiliate marketing. Loss prevention officers, because of the specialized training, will have no problems working within the field of Affiliate marketing. The learning curve is really not as difficult as other related industries.

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