Three Proven Strategies to Automotive Marketing

There are many strategies that are adopted by auto manufactures and dealers for marketing of their automotive. Automotive direct mail is a strategy that is proving to very effective. A survey by DM News states that these mails are some of those that are commonly read and 73% car buyers read and respond to these mails.We cite below some reasons auto manufacturers and dealers have adopted automotive direct mail or ADM as a marketing strategy:1. Cost-EffectiveADM can be adjusted in any budget. It can be a simple or a complex one. It can be just a “4×6″ postcard or a multipart letter. An intelligent marketer can use affordable pieces for potential customers and the expensive ones for past or current customers.It is also a very cost-effective and affordable option as you can send a volume of them in very less budget. Many mail companies also offer price discounts for higher volumes. As the volume increases, the more are the savings. The volumes of the ADM can be easily increased or decreased depending on the budget fluctuations.The ROI is another important factor.Effective use of direct mails can result in a good ROI. The strategies of direct mails have changed as the technology has advanced. But this yields results even today.2. FlexibilityThe use of ADM can be done for fulfilling any type of marketing goal. It can be used for attracting potential customers as well to send service reminders to the existing customers. We state below some of the common uses:Announcements of new models
Campaigns for lead generation
Loyalty programs/Customer rewards
Updated to inventory
Service remindersThere are very limited uses of the direct mail marketing strategy. Automotive companies are devising new ways of using this versatile and dynamic tool.3. MeasurableYou can measure the statistics with the help of direct mail. You do not have this facility with radio or television marketing. With the mechanism of response tracking, you can easily track the number of people who have seen your advertisement.ConclusionFinally ADM is a very effective tool for marketing. It just needs good amount of planning and research. With this article and the intention of sharing our knowledge on direct mail marketing, we hope that you use this tool to the best of your benefit.

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